PUBG Mobile: Teen Spends Rs. 2 Lakh From Grandfather’s Pension!

PUBG Mobile: Teen Spends Rs. 2 Lakh From Grandfather’s Pension!

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds whatsoever that the youth is no longer into taking out their bicycles and going for a ride.

The youngsters nowadays want to stay hooked on their gadgets and play their videogames. One such addictive game is none other than PlayerUnknowns Battleground, aka PUBG.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the craze for the game has got out of hand. On the other hand, friends have become enemies because of the game.

Even children have died from continuously playing it, businesses are minting money because of it, and now the youth has also begun to steal for it.


Reportedly, a 15-yr old boy hailing from India spent  Rs. 2.34 Lakhs from his grandfather’s account to conduct transactions for the game to reach the ‘Ace’ rank.

The grandfather was unaware of the situation until in May when he came into the knowledge of the transfer that took place over two months. He then registered a complaint with the local police department.

The Cyber Cell then traced the old man’s money to a PayTM wallet, which was used for PUBG purchases. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Anto Alphonse, as reported by the Hindustan Times, confirmed that the boy withdrew the amount for the game.

Moreover, the teenager told the authorities that his account has hacked after he had reached the ‘Ace’ rank.

After the last transaction of Rs, 2,500, the grandfather was left with just Rs—275 in his bank account.

He visited the bank to realize that a total of Rs. 2.34 lakhs had been transferred from his account to a Paytm account in multiple installments in over two months. He then approached us,” the DCP said, as cited by Hindustan Times.

Whenever a one-time password (OTP) would arrive for the payments, he would take his grandfather’s phone, see the password and delete the message,” the DCP added.

The police then took no legal action as the grandfather pulled back the complaint once he found out that it was his grandson who had done the transactions.

This isn’t the first time when a teen has taken/secretly stolen money from their relative’s account. Earlier in July, a young man from Punjab made the headlines for spending Rs. Sixteen lakhs from his parents’ bank accounts.

Another Mohali-based teen took Rs. 2 lakh from his grandfather’s pension to spend it on the game.


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