Mala (مالا ) Novel Urdu Pdf is another excellent story by Nimra Ahmad. It is an episodic novel that contains a social, romantic, and cultural narrative. In this novel, Nimra Ahmad describes many facts about society. She criticized the people who did not care for the relationship. She mentioned the evils of community and suggested the solution.

Nimra Ahmad is the author of the book Mala Novel Urdu Pdf. It is an excellent social, romantic, and reform story published on a website in the episode. In this novel, Nimra Ahmad discussed multiple issues of society. She talked about the human feelings, behaviors, and importance of relationships for a joyful life.

Who is Nimra Ahmed?

Nimra Ahmad is an established story writer and leading female novelist of Urdu. She produced many excellent stories and romance novels in her brilliant writing career. Meanwhile, she is a regular writer for digests and magazines. Nimra Ahmad earned fame for her unique writing style and attractive topics. I hope you like the book Mala Novel Urdu Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

Mala Novel by Nimra Ahmed Episode 7 Read Online:



Mala Novel by Nimra Ahmed Episode 7
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Mala Novel by Nimra Ahmed Episode 1-5
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